All posters 24"x36",  lithographed in USA on premium matte finish stock. Click on any image for details. Chiles Fresco (24"x36" Poster) 24-4001
Chiles Fresco
Chiles Seco (24"x36" Poster) 24-4002
Chiles Seco
Tropical Fruit (24"x36" Poster) 24-4005
Tropical Fruit
Native Corn. (24"x36" Poster) 24-4006
Native Corn
Spices (24"x36" Poster) 24-4004
Spices & Culinary Herbs
Is it Science or is it Art? The answer is Yes.  This collection of posters and prints would be equally fitting in a serious cooking academy or the most unassuming home kitchen. Authored by widely respected chefs and culinary experts, they are meticulously researched for accuracy. Every image, from sardines to sea salt, is accompanied by its physical characteristics, country or region of origin, flavor profile, and typical usage. Photographed by award-winning photographers and reproduced by the highest quality lithography on premium matte-finish stock, the result is a perfect marriage of science and art — and food.