All postcards 5"x7",  printed with satin finish fronts and writable surface on reverse side. All conform to USPS mailing guidelines. Click on any image for details. Curry Powder Curry Powder Pickling Spice Pickling Spice Herbes de Provence Herbes de Provence Garam Masala Garam Masala Basil/Marjoram Basil/Marjoram Ginger Ginger Mint/Dill Mint/Dill Chiles Chiles Allspice/Nutmeg Allspice/Nutmeg Sesame/Caraway Sesame/Caraway Citrus Citrus Peppercorns Peppercorns
A wide selection  of the world's spices and culinary herbs collected as 5"x7" mailable posters. The prepack assortment includes all twelve images, beautifully lithographed on heavyweight stock with a satin finish. Could there be a better way to communicate with your fellow foodies?